Elemento tinta: a periferia contra o governo genocida

A morte de um pixador por covid-19 criou um estopim para um grupo se unir em um grande ato contra a gestão genocida do governo Bolsonaro na pandemia.
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Intelligence Contract Funneled to Pro-War Think Tank Establishment

In 2018, when the government awarded a massive $769 million contract to Alion Science and Technology, a defense contractor, the company promised that the money would go to “cutting edge” intelligence and technological solutions “that directly support the warfighter.”
The …

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Chicago police officer injured in South Loop crash

CHICAGO — A Chicago police officer was injured in a crash in the South Loop.

An officer was directing traffic at the intersection of Ida B. Wells Drive and Clark Street around 2:20 a.m. Thursday when the driver of a …

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Bridgeport woman charged with carjacking 22-year-old man

CHICAGO — A Bridgeport woman was charged with carjacking a man in the West Elsdon neighborhood.

Ellen San, 32, was arrested Tuesday after she was identified as one of the offenders who took a 22-year-old man’s car by force on …

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